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Mindstorm - Star Stuff EP

by Goa Records

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Mind Storm aka Doctor Spook guides you through each with their own flavour and style range from progressive, through fullon, neo goa, darkpsy, and twilight psychedelic trance. This music shows how versatile an artist like Spook has been when approaching the art of making trance music, plus the originality found from the major artists who helped him, Bratex, Atomic Pulse, Tripy, Random, Cortex, Biokinetix, Fractal Sound, Kinesis, Chromatone, Earthling, CPU, Altom, Desert Dwellers and Twisted Reaction. After compiling and releasing tracks on major international labels like Spun Rec, Planet B.E.N. Rec, Ovnimoon Rec, Goa Rec, Power House, Hearts Eye, Bass Star, Dubstep SF, Digital Drugs Coalition, Nathan’s project has certainly been exposed to a huge multi-genre fan base since his international debut back in 2005. Featuring an astounding cover graphic by master illustrator and visionary artist Android Jones this collectors item is no doubt a must have to acquire a genuine edition. For over 13 years, Nathan Vogel (aka Doctor Spook) has been spearheading the underground North American goa psytrance movement by touring relentlessly as an international DJ, averaging 40+ shows a year, and by founding the largest USA based psytrance A/V record label and distribution network, GeoMagnetic and Goa Records. Mindstorm is his solo live act where Spook performs a unique set of VJ/DJ material and original music that melt the audio video boarders in new visionary ways using a unique blend of 3D animation and live synchronized FX visuals. Dr. Spook’s unique ways of combining cutting edge sound and visuals have benefited from a wide lens of exposure and evolved into a new level of psychedelic performance art. Imagine the thickest throbbing bass lines of Psychedelic Trance (think CPU, MekkaNikka, Astrix), the massive euphoric energy of Full-On (think GMS, Talamasca, Eskimo),fused with the magic and mystery of Classic Goa (think Goa Gil, Hallucinogen, Logic Bomb), heavily layered with new school sonic tricks and electro-glitch break downs (think Infected Mushroom, Earthling, Chromatone), all mashed up with samples of repurposed political speeches and great psychedelic visionaries (Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Bill Hicks, Dr. Hoffman). Now take this and drench it all with mind mending synchronized 3D animated immersive photo surrealistic worlds and hyper active characters. His DJ/VJ sets leave the attendees with an uplifting positive afterglow of hope and joy. The new Mindstorm visual music is an exotic blend of ecstatic dance and entertainment.

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Morningstar is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, the Morningstar label knows you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project “MAGNUS” geodvd001. Since then the label has grown into a full fledged major electronic music and media label. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on music and visual related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew! was started by Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995).


released October 29, 2012


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Goa Records San Francisco, California

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